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Field service management software

Published 11/04/2014 and rated Ratingstars4 4 out of 5 stars
by AppAppeal Editor
What can you use the app for?

FieldAware is a field service management app that was built for mobile first, designed to help technicians in the field carry out their full range of duties. The app also helps office personnel coordinate and communicate with field technicians. The capabilities of FieldAware include scheduling and dispatching, work order creation, quoting and invoicing, time tracking, and business reporting. FieldAware provides a job management solution for both technicians in the field and back-office personnel, through the ability to coordinate jobs and schedules, track the time spent on each job, fill out and create forms on-the-go, and keep customer records up-to-date.

One of the key features of FieldAware is its scheduling and dispatch tool. This feature allows dispatchers to automatically create accurate work orders with all the necessary information the technician needs. Dispatchers can schedule the technician from the work order itself, or by using the drag-and-drop “Scheduler” tool. Dispatchers can maximize the amount of jobs that get done through a real-time view of when a technician has finished a job ahead of schedule, route distance mapping to the next job, and automated matching of job duration estimates with available time slots.

FieldAware offers field technicians a number of mobile tools, including time tracking for accurate billing and the ability to create quotes for additional services on-site. Upon completion of tasks and quotes the app can be used to have clients approve and sign-off on these jobs using electronic signature capture. Once these are approved invoices can be automatically generated and sent to the customer’s email, as well as your integrated accounting software. FieldAware also offers business management and reporting tools, with a number of built-in reports, one-click KPI overviews and a customizable dashboard

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What is the history and popularity of the app?

FieldAware is provided by the same company as FieldLocate. The main difference between the two apps is that FieldAware was built to cater to larger, commercial service orientated customers while FieldLocate serves the needs of residential customers. FieldAware is a made-for-mobile app and was designed to meet the needs of field technicians and engineers, identified by the company founder’s knowledge of the field service industry. Some of FieldAware’s clients include Henrich Equipment, a commercial fuel equipment company, and Sun Oil Limited, a distributor of petroleum products.

What are the differences to other apps?

FieldAware was built as a mobile first app so that field technicians can not only access all their work order, job, and customer info from their mobile devices, but also carry out tasks on site. Through the native mobile app a technician’s mobile device can be used to generate quotes and invoices, track time and communicate with dispatchers. The data caching capabilities of the app mean that field workers can complete work offline in areas with no wireless coverage. The app also offers a number of integrations, including with QuickBooks and the full suite of NetSuite products.

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How does the web app look and feel to use?

Due to the fact that FieldAware was designed for mobile use, the app works seamlessly on all Android, iPhone and iPad devices. The app uses a dark grey and green interface, with a left-hand side navigation panel to access the main features. The home page shows an overview of all the day’s jobs and associated details. Jobs can be clicked into to view all tasks, notes and attachments. The time tracking tool featured on the mobile app is easy to understand, with separate buttons to track travel time and job time. All data entered by technicians on the mobile app is synced in real-time with the desktop app, this includes the shared “Scheduler” tool. The Scheduler is composed in one part of a color-coded Gantt chart, and in the second part a live map view of all jobs and technician locations.

How does the registration process work?

You can sign up for a free demo of FieldAware through the “Get a Demo” button on the top right-hand side of the each page on the website. Upon hitting the button you are prompted to fill in a form including your name, company, email, phone, country and size of workforce. You can also use the “Get a Quote” button on the same page to get a free, no obligation quote. Alternatively, you can choose to join FieldAware’s weekly demo webinar.

What does it cost to use the application?

FieldAware offers three licensing options: Pro, Premium and Enterprise, all of which are based on a monthly, per-user model. Pro is designed for 10 or more technicians, Premium is designed for midsize and large enterprises and Enterprise is for those looking for a more tailored solution. You need to contact the sales team online or by phone to get a unique quote for each plan. The cheapest plan starts from $70 per month for a minimum of 8 users.

Who would you recommend the application to?

FieldAware is a field service management app for mobilized workforces ranging from 10 to 10, 000. The mobile app is optimized for Android, iPhone and iPad devices and is therefore ideal for mobile technicians using one or more of those devices. Although the solution was designed for larger, commercial service companies the app also offers a solution for smaller companies. The app is ideal for service companies such as HVAC, property management, medical equipment repair, oil field maintenance, and plumbing, among others. The app caters to the needs of both technicians as well as back-office staff.

  • Create work orders complete with client location, contact info, tasks and parts needed, customer assets, service history, and photos/attachments
  • Schedule and dispatch the right technicians for the right job with live map views and a shared job calendar
  • Technicians can track time using the mobile app, including the time it takes them to travel to the job site
  • Technicians can automatically create invoices in the field using task, quote and work order info
  • Field workers can create quotes on-the-go for new services or parts with electronic signature capture
  • Field technicians can create new work orders from the field and edit and complete PDF forms for government compliance
  • Managers and business owners can generate a number of KPI reports and see dashboards of company performance

FieldAware video

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